• What are the requirements to be able to submit?

No particular degree is required to submit a proposal, though applicants are required to have published at least one major research paper.

  • Do I have to submit my proposal in English?

No. Proposals will be accepted in French, Arabic, English, and Portuguese.

  • Is there a particular topic I must address?

Proposals may address a variety of themes, countries, and regions, but must show a feminist, heterodox approach to development and must be focused on recovering post-independence era (generally 50s-70s) African policies, ideologies, or approaches.

  • Do I have to submit a proposal if I'm interested in working with the project?

Preference will be given to full proposals, but general expressions of interest will also be considered.

  • How much funding is offered?

Up to USD 5000 will be offered to support the fulfillment of each accepted proposal.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

Proposals must be submitted by 26 January 2018. Selected proposals will be announced in February, and initial meeting will be held in April to discuss methodology and framing. Papers will form part of a book-length collection, and researchers will also draft briefs, background papers, and short opinion articles.

More questions? Read the full-length call for proposals and concept note, or contact us at postcolonialismstoday@regionsrefocus.org

Image: The Casablanca conference gathers Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Libya, Mali, Morocco, and the Algerian interim government, 1961